Painting with DNA


Using a process known as DNA origami, researchers at Caltech in Pasadena, CA were able to create their own rendition of van Gogh’s The Starry Night, only theirs is about the width of a dime in size and glows a deep red. Employing folded strands of DNA, the team could precisely place and tune fluorescent molecules within a microscopic 256 x 256 pixel grid (that’s 65,536 total pixels for those of us who don’t math very well) of what they call PCCs (photonic crystal cavities).

“It’s like using DNA origami to screw molecular light bulbs into microscopic lamps”

The project is a proof-of-concept aimed at the development of chips and circuitry on a nano-scale and has practical applications throughout all fields of technology, including quantum computing.

If you’re feeling particularly sciency you can read more about this molecular art project over at Caltech news.

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Motion Captured in a 3D Print

takiThis 3D rendered and printed zoetrope from media artist Akinori Goto reveals hidden forms in motion in what he calls toki, exploring the relationship between time and movement.

Head over to Akinori Goto’s Vimeo page to watch the full video showing the conception, development, and installation.

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Fireworks in Monochrome

Black PowderPhotographer Damion Berger captures the beautiful displays of sparkling fireworks in the night sky, but you’re not going to see the brilliant array of colors you would normally expect. Instead you’re treated to almost the exact opposite—bursts of heavy black against backgrounds of electric white in his collection Black Powder.

Image: ‘Portugal’ by Damion Berger

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Music From The Stars

messier4-e1456166499541-700x432Using a technique called asteroseismology, researchers at the University of Birmingham’s School of Physics and Astronomy have been able to listen to the resonant oscillations of 13-billion-year-old stars in the globular star cluster known as Messier 4, some of the oldest remnants from the very beginnings of our Galaxy.

Head on over to the UoB site to listen to the stars sing.

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This Kung Fu is The Best

Kung Fu Motion VisualizationThrough the magic of motion capture, digital artist Tobias Gremler is able to isolate and animate the various flowing forms of the Chinese martial art, Kung Fu, giving the movement it’s own weight and structure.

Check out the video Kung Fu Motion Visualization over on Tobias’ Vimeo page.


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That’s no moon…

bamboo-death-starPortland-based designer and woodworker Frank Howarth must have intercepted some Death Star plans because he went ahead and built himself one, albeit made of bamboo and quite a bit smaller than the original. He may not be blowing up any planets with his version, but like the man said, “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of a well-stocked woodshop.” Or something like that.

Head over to Frank’s YouTube page for an amazing time-lapse video of the construction process.

And May the 4th be with you!

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2016 All Media Student Exhibit @ MPC Art Gallery


May 3 – 27, 2016
MPC Art Gallery
980 Fremont St., Monterey, CA
NEW HOURS: Mon—Thur, 11:00—4:00
RECEPTION: Thursday, MAY 5, 12:30—2:00 pm
Artists’ Talk: 1:00 pm

With great enthusiasm we present the work of our art students. These sixty-two artists are enrolled in classes offered by the Creative Arts Division here at MPC. While some of them come to MPC with art skills and established lives as artists, plenty of them are just beginning their explorations in art. The artists whose work graces these walls range in age from 18 to over 70.

One glance at this exhibit tells us about the wide diversity and multiple talents of our very hardworking art students. What they have produced, individually and collectively, is impressive. Passion, exploration, focus, experimentation, discipline, deep thinking, organization, and practice—all this, and more, is required of an artist. Deep commitment to creativity is evident in this room on a grand scale.

Artists also need support, opportunity, and community. The dedicated and fine teachers in our art department help to provide that. Their tireless generosity of time and guidance makes it possible for student artists to thrive at MPC. The magic we witness in this gallery exhibition would not be possible without them.

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Galaxies of Glass

980xGlass artist Satoshi Tomizu has found a way to contain bits of the universe within tiny glass pendants in his stunning collection entitled, Space Glass. Each uniquely designed pendant is hand-blown glass and holds beautifully textured planets and flecks of 24-karat gold stars surrounded by colorful, swirling nebulae.

You can check out all of Satoshi’s amazing glass work at his website.

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Otherworldly Landscapes

22-8--2Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu captures haunting vistas of Utah’s Valley of the Gods in his collection, Lux Noctis. Using GPS-enabled light drones, Wu casts a ghostly glow across the dark, craggy outcroppings of the barren desert-scape, creating an eerie sense of isolation and loneliness.

Head over to Wu’s website for a look at his other incredible photographic works.

Image: Lux Noctis 8, Reuben Wu

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A Universe of Color

paintThomas Blanchard’s video short, Memories of Paintings is a mesmerizing macro view of paint, oil, milk and liquid soap as it beads and swirls like brightly painted planets and nebulae in a cosmos of color.

You can check out the video over on Vimeo.


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